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Meet the Affiliate Managers

Behind our affiliate managers team, you will find Giannis Katsavrias, Kyriaki Saranti and Irene Kritikou. These individuals handle relationships with affiliates and ensure that affiliate marketing programs run successfully. Part of their day-to-day life is to manage and coordinate our portfolio of partners, discover new partner opportunities, and optimize their growth and marketing efforts. Campeón Affiliates are all about their people so we decided to ask them some questions, let’s see what they have to say.

  • What do you think are two of the most important skills for an affiliate manager?

    Kyriaki: As far as I’m concerned, the two most important skills for an affiliate manager are excellent communication skills and analytical thinking. Managing affiliate relationships needs a lot of communication and strong analytical skills in order to understand the data and be able to evaluate affiliates performance and needs.

    Giannis: Communication and organization are the key aspects to make an affiliate manager separate from the competition. A balance between acquiring new affiliates, setting their campaigns, building and retaining a strong and trustworthy partnership.

    Irene: Analytical and communication skills are crucial in my opoion for proper Affiliate management in order to optimise daily performance. Secondary, an affiliate manager needs to have a good understanding of the technical aspects of running an affiliate program, such as setting up tracking codes and linking methods.

  • What do you think sets affiliate marketing apart from other marketing channels?

    Kyriaki: Affiliate marketing is often more effective and less expensive than the other digital channels and also it is reaching the audience in a more targeted way.

    Giannis: Affiliate marketing in my opinion is the only digital marketing channel that combines at the same time totally measurable results, targetted audience, brand awareness and real time data that help to optimize the campaigns easily.

    Irene: Affiliate marketing is a very measurable and trackable marketing channel, which allows brands to see exactly how well their campaigns are performing and where they may need to make adjustments.

  • What’s your favorite thing about working with Affiliates?

    Kyriaki: My favorite thing about working with affiliates is direct communication. With most of our affiliates we have created strong relationships that are based on trust and honesty.

    Giannis: Meeting people from all around the world and hanging out with them while doing business is something that I would never change!

    Irene: Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with affiliates is one special thing. Getting to travel all around the world for conferences and spend quality time together as we do business is my favorite part.

  • What do you do to unwind after a long day at work?

    I enjoy doing my cross training after a long day at work. Cardio workout is my favorite because hips don’t lie baby.

    Giannis: Hanging out with friends and good food, watching movies and playing video games.

    Irene: Every day is different depending on my needs, but most common things are spending time with my loved ones, and working out. Nothing beats a good leg day.

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